14 Dogs Make Hilarious Attempts at Playing Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is one of my favorite games to play with kids. And dogs love to play the game too. There’s always that adorable moment when you realize the young and furry participants haven’t got the hide technique down just yet. These dogs are like that. They make some attempts at hiding that are hilarious! They may not be so good at hiding but I bet they’re awesome at seeking.

Hiding under the bed is always a classic! There’s the hide under the bed, head first…

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…which works better if you can fit.

And then there’s butt first.

My dog loves to play hide and seek from r/aww

Wedging between the wall and the bed is a hiding spot that takes things to the next level.

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Playing hide and seek among nature offers many new options…As long as the foliage, aka camouflage, works.

My dog playing hide and seek from r/pics

Digging a hole might help.

How my dog decided to hide during a hide and seek game. from r/aww

Sometimes the participants get too excited when they are spotted. [Click play]

Trying to play hide and seek with my dog, but she gets just TOO EXCITED when I spot her lol from r/aww

Hiding behind the couch is a comfortable and clever option.

When your dog wants to play hide and seek but doesn’t really get the rules.

Or perhaps in the couch?

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Maybe a blanket will help? [Click play]

My dog playing hide and seek… from r/AnimalsWhoCantHide

It’s fun when your dog is the seeker. This Belgian Malinois knows exactly how to play. Hey, no peeking while counting, Monkey!


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Monkey’s quarantine games. STAY SAFE, STAY HOME!

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Curtains were always my favorite hiding spot.

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But sometimes you get spotted too easily.

So you can always try an option no one has ever used before. They will never suspect!

Wherever your dog may hide, be sure to give them a cuddle and a reward at the end of your playtime!

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