Baby Adorably Fakes Crying After Being Told No By Her Dad

When this little girl was told to stop crying in the store by her daddy, she reacted in a way that had her parents giggling.

Her parents shared the video and wrote on ViralHog:

“This is a video of our 11-month-old daughter Iris at the grocery store. She was yelling, so her father told her no, and this was her reaction. I videoed it because it made us giggle.”

Viewers shared their thoughts on Iris’ natural acting ability, with one person commenting: “Oh, she’s good! She’s going to be a good actress when she grows up.”

“Omgggg did anyone catch her pinching herself to make herself cry,” observed another viewer, although we’re not 100% sure that’s what she’s trying to do.”She’s out of tears,” someone else humorously commented. “I was rooting for that tear she was trying to squeeze out,” said another viewer.

Others were fascinated by the girl’s natural aptitude for lying.

“It always amazes me how quickly children start to lie. It’s not a learned trait, it’s a natural instinct. This video is award winning cute, funny, interesting, a study in human development,” said one.

Another concluded, “This is when kids start learning how to get what they want, lol.”

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