Wild Bear Cubs Play With Family’s Shoes After Dip In The Pool

A lucky homeowner got to see two bear cubs having fun playing with the family’s footwear after taking a dip in the pool.

In the cute video, a mama and her two cubs stopped by for a swim for the first time. It was a hot summer day in July and the bears were looking for a way to cool down.

These two bear cubs decide to have some fun with the flip-flops and shoes that the family left by the back door. They start chewing and throwing the shoes around as mama bear looks on from the pool. Too adorable!

The house of YouTuber Arcadia Backyard Wildlife is located along a ‘natural path” near the foothills of the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles he says they regularly get wildlife visitors.

A month later, the bear family came for a return visit. The cubs were already much bigger!

Arcadia Backyard Wildlife wrote, “It’s been about a month since their last visit and the cubs have grown a lot!”

Not only do the cubs play with shoes, they’ve figured out how to open doors! Arcadia Backyard Wildlife said, “I can confirm the cubs know how to operate a door lever. I was able to lock the door just in time.”

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