Visual Artist Creates Amazingly Eye-Catching Make Up

It’s amazing what some artists can do with just a few paints and a canvas. In the case of visual artist Tal Paleg, she just needs some make up and her own eyes to make beautiful works of art. Taking inspiration from stories, animals and the media arts, Tal has created an array of wonderful eye make up that would catch anyone’s attention!

1. Cats and Dogs

2. Fox

3. Pandora’s Box

4. Emoji

5. Cats

6. Peacock

7. Flight and Fall of Icarus

8. Cute Friendship

9. Red Dragon

10. Sushi

11. Desserts

12. Inspired by Frozen

13. Princess and the Pea

14. The Little Prince

15. Inspired by Salvador Dali

16. The Little Mermaid

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