Owl Dangling From A Tree Rescued By Police Officers

An owl dangling from a string got a helping hand by police. Two Massachusetts police officers on midnight shift were called to assist the unlucky owl.

Officers Knapp and Collins with Wellesley Police Department arrived to find the owl hanging by a tree, its wing caught in the string.

Wellesley Police Department wrote, “As an FTO on midnights your tasks are similar to your counterparts on the day and evening shift. However, after midnight an officer is often asked to resolve problems without many of the usual resources that are available during the day.”

Wellesley Police Department

In this case, the owl had gotten tangled in the string of a lawn game. “Off. Knapp and Collins had to improvise and figure out a way to safely free the owl’s wing without causing further injury,” the police department said in their Facebook post.

Wellesley Police Department

Fortunately for the owl, the officers were able to “remove most of the string and metal ring” from its injured wing. Once the owl was safely freed, the officers brought the bird to Wellesley Animal Hospital for treatment.

Wellesley Police Department

We’d say the two officers did a great job problem-solving an unusual situation. Talk about a midnight shift to remember!

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