Rescuers Cry ‘Tears Of Joy’ As Long Lost Dog Reunites With His Mom

When the animal rescuers first laid eyes on a big, stray dog wandering the streets of Ukraine, they could tell he had endured a lot. He was riddled with mange and starving. But he was friendly.

МКП “Щасливі тварини

They brought him back to the “Happy Animals” (МКП “Щасливі тварини) animal shelter and posted a photo of him to raise support to help nurse him back to health and to find him a potential home.

МКП “Щасливі тварини

The post spread online and then the shelter received a call. The woman explained that her dog had been stolen from her yard back in 2017 and that she had been looking for him for the past two years.

And although the stray dog in the photos was in poor shape, he bore an uncanny resemblance to her stolen dog.

They arranged for her to come by the next day and to everyone’s delight a “miracle” happened. The dog was the woman’s long lost dog named Lord. The woman extended her hand and the dog took a tentative sniff.

МКП “Щасливі тварини

Shelter staff shared “tears of joy” watching the woman and Lord reunite. Happily, they filmed the the heartwarming reunion:

“We thank everyone who shared our post,” the shelter later wrote. “Thanks to you that the dog’s life was saved, and peace returned to his owner’s soul!”

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