After Years Of Trying, Woman Finally Convinces Feral Dog To Join Her Family

Mollybear had lived on an empty lot for seven years in Nashville, Tennessee when Ryan first became aware of the stray dog. Noticing how beautiful the dog was, and knowing contractors wanted the dog safely relocated because they were planning on developing the area, Ryan began to try and win the dog’s trust. She would visit Mollybear every day after work and feed her.

It took a couple of months for Ryan to earn Molly’s trust and be able to pet her. Then one day, Mollybear showed up on Ryan’s street. Ryan started feeding Mollybear in her front yard hoping the dog would stay and she did.

Mollybear would sit at end of driveway waiting for Ryan to return from work and when she saw her she’d run behind her car back to the house. This continued for some time, until Ryan was able to convince Molly to join her in the backyard. From there, slow, patient progress was made. It took a year to reach a milestone of trust – Molly let Ryan comb her belly. But would she come inside?

At each and every step, Ryan did everything at Molly’s pace. Throughout the experience Ryan said she has learned so much about patience and kindness. In return Mollybear and Ryan share a special bond. Seeing how Mollybear has opened up and become a family dog after spending so many years completely wild is so touching and incredible to see.

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