Sweet as a Baby, Rescued Wombat Becomes Rambunctious Teenager

Wardoo used to be a sweet, loving and gentle baby wombat. But that changed once he hit puberty.

He soon became a rambunctious “teenager” turning his rescuers’ home upside down. Nippy, destructive. Naughty. Where once he enjoyed being cuddled, now he was more likely to give you a nibble.

“He’s the boss” says Bronte and Linda of Two Songs Sanctuary. “Wardoo used to be a really, really lovely wombat…And then he turned into a teenager,” Linda says jokingly. Now Wardoo digs into everything in the house and makes a mess. But, we’re guessing that this is probably normal because wombats are natural diggers.

Bronte and Linda took in the orphaned wombat when he was just a baby. He needed feeding every 4 hours and had to be held all the time.

As Wardoo can’t be released back into the wild, the couple gives him a life out in a natural environment as much as they can.

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