Puppy Imitates Bunny Rabbit By Hopping Along Behind Him

Babies learn many behaviors by watching what others do. And the same is true with other species, including puppies.

In the adorable video clip below, a Boxer puppy sees a black bunny rabbit and decides to follow him. But he doesn’t just follow after the rabbit, he hops just like one!

This video clip may be only 8 seconds long but it’s oh so cute! It was initially shared on Twitter where it enchanted many viewers. Although many viewers likened the puppy’s bounce to the bunny’s, one dog owner tweeted, “Those of us who have boxers know all about the boxer bounce.” Maybe they mean something like this boxer in a video of him pouncing on a piece of wood. Or, perhaps the video of boxer’s bouncy response to a very scary feather is a better example.

But people didn’t really care if the puppy learned it from the rabbit or does it because he’s a Boxer. What they really want to see is the dog fully grown up and still hopping!

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