Rescued Pit Bull Makes Sure Newly Adopted Donkey Loves Him

When Jennifer agreed to adopt Wendell the miniature donkey, she was told that he was wary of people or dogs. She didn’t know how that was going to work with the rest of her herd and other animals. But Oakley the Pit Bull fixed that.

“Oakley wants everyone to love him,” Jennifer says. So the moment Wendell came home Oakley was literally in his face, licking his ears and giving him kisses. Oakley loves to encourage Wendell to chase him and so the pair now do zoomies together to see who can go the fastest. And Wendell will try and share his grain with Oakley. They just love to be together.

Oakley is a rescue who wandered onto Jennifer’s farm a year and a half ago. He had no microchip, no collar or tags and was emaciated. “He is severely scared of men and reacts as if he were abused,” Jennifer shared on Instagram. “But he LOVES all animals. He chose us to be his people and his forever home.”

A few months after Oakley arrived, Wendell came and a wonderful friendship was born!

Wendell is Oakley’s donkey now.

Through circumstance and luck it seems their friendship was just meant to be!

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