Men Come To The Rescue Of Wild Horse Stuck Under A Boulder

A wild horse that got stuck between rocks is alive thanks to some Good Samaritans. The wild horses that live on the grasslands of Aktau, Kazakhstan, are free to roam the veldt but this particular horse somehow managed to get trapped in a terrible place.

The poor horse was lying on his back with his legs up in the air and pinned between two boulders. Perhaps the horse got caught in an unexpected rockslide. But however he got trapped, he had no way of freeing himself.

Thankfully, two men driving by the area spotted the stuck horse. In the video they shared, you can see how desolate and remote the landscape is. As they approach the horse, the animal wails in exhaustion. One of the men scrambles up to the horse’s side and begins to pull the boulder away from the horse.

After several attempts he manages to heave the rock off the horse and it rolls down the hill. The horse is so tired from his ordeal but he somehow manages to find the strength to get up. Thanks to the two men’s help, the horse is free to roam the plains once again.

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