Man Who Has Wanted Husky For 15 Years Gets Birthday Surprise

Sometimes when a wish comes true it takes a second for us to believe it. That’s the case with this husband and father who has always dreamed of having a Husky. And after 15 years of hoping and wishing, his family decided to surprise him on his birthday.

His wife writes:

“For the past 15 years, my husband has always wanted a husky. We recently moved and had to space to get one so I surprised him for his 31st birthday with the pup. We were unable to celebrate his big 30th birthday last year due to living in New York City and everything being closed. [eds note: due to COVID-19]”

Watching his reaction, you know the dog is going to be so loved. As one viewer points out, “When the gift of a puppy make a grown man cry, you know he’s got a big heart.”

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