Horse Shows Campers How Much He Loves Eating Potato Chips

A horse made a family out camping burst out laughing when they discovered he had a taste for potato chips. The family was having a summer picnic in a field in Wyoming when they were joined by the horse who showed them just how much he loved mom’s potato chips!

The camping crew joked, “The horse was the camp pest,” but everyone had a big belly laugh at the horse’s reaction to the salty treat. One of the campers pointed out that the chips were salt and vinegar flavor, which might explain the horse’s grin.

The horse certainly doesn’t seem to mind the tangy taste because he indicates he wants more of mom’s chips.

The crowd’s enthusiasm seemed to be catching because the family’s dog comes over to mom to ask for a snack too.

Viewers of the video couldn’t help but comment on the horse’s response. One wrote, “that horse is awesome he is full of personality.”

Another viewer shared why they think the horse looked like he was grinning: “Fun fact: the reason horses lift their upper lip like that is because they are trying to figure out a certain smell. He probably is smelling the chips, so he is trapping the smell in his nose to try and process what the smell is.”

A third viewer concluded, “A good time was had by all.”

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