Dog Wakes Up to Bear Staring at Him Through Glass Door

A sleeping dog got quite a shock when he woke up from his nap to see a big furry shape staring down at him from the other side of a glass door.

A curious young bear had gotten into the backyard of this dog’s home and wandered over to the door to investigate. The bear no doubt smelled the dog inside and wanted to see what was inside.

When the dog wakes up and sees the bear after opening his eyes, he has a delayed reaction. It takes the dog a moment to register what he’s seeing because a few seconds later he springs to his feet and let’s out a warning bark and the bear runs away.

The video, which has garnered several million views in a few days, had many viewers noticing the dog’s quiet response when he initially wakes up.

“The look on his eyes when he first woke up ‘Am I dreaming?’, took him a second to realize he was actually awake,” wrote one viewer.

Another recreated what they considered the dog was thinking in the few seconds it took the dog to recognize the intruder was a wild animal:

Dog: “Is it a bear?”
Brain: “Yes”
Dog: “Am I still dreaming?”
Brain: “No”

Others pointed out that it was smart that the dog didn’t get up or bark until the bear began to turn around. It’s almost like he was playing dead before his assertive protective instincts kicked in!

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