Dog Mistakes Floating Stick for Snake

Auggie the dog is enjoying a dip in a lake in Stoughton, Wisconsin when he confuses a floating stick for a snake. Or, as his human calls a serpent, “a dangerous danger noodle.”

“Auggie was minding his own business during his daily swim at the dog park when suddenly a dangerous danger noodle look-a-like threatened a quick end to his swim,” they wrote of Aussie’s confusion.

And it’s clear to see the exact moment that Auggie mistakenly identifies the twig for danger and switches from fetching to fleeing.

His human later added, “I don’t think he realized that the snake/danger noodle lookalike, was in fact, a floating twig. Despite the quick end to his swim that day, he continues to chase snakes up trees and slide headfirst into the water for swims. He doesn’t know how to jump or walk into the water yet.”

We’re happy to hear that Auggie hasn’t let that unexpected fright discourage him from enjoying the water or from chasing “danger noodles” on dry land.

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