Dog Feels Guilty After He Gets Caught Running Away From Home For Some Fun

A dog who ran away from home for some fun has the cutest reaction when his human tracks him down.

After escaping the house, Buster’s human goes out searching for him. Thankfully, Buster has an Apple Airtag on so his family tracks him down quickly. The moment Buster’s told he’s been a bad boy, he goes from happy dog to guilty dog.

Several million viewers find Buster’s reaction hilarious.

“Awwww his little face at the end,” wrote one viewer. “Thankfully you got him before he got hurt.”

Another wrote, “the change of that dog’s face when he realized who rolled up on him, just priceless.”

Given Buster’s human says this is the second time Buster has escaped, we’re thinking the family will need to invest in more secure fencing in addition to the GPS tracker!

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