Traffic Cop Pulls Over Car And Gets Surprised By…A Pack Of Wolves?

I was shocked when I first saw this video, but wait until you hear the real story behind it! CCTV footage supposedly caught this incident of a Russian traffic cop, who pulls over a driver only to get the shock of his life.

The officer is interrupted by a pack of wolves! The wolves were running on M23 highway which is located near the Black Sea coast and connects the cities of Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog.

Well, it turns out that this is a Russian advertisement for vodka by the Georgian spirit-maker Eristoff. It’s based on Georgian folklore that says the region is the “land of the wolf”. I’m not really sure how wolves running in the streets will make people want to go out and buy vodka, but I love the imagination behind it.

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In case you’re wondering if something like this could really happen – yes it can. A Canadian woman in the Northwest Territories filmed two wolves running along the highway. Watch the amazing video here!

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