Woman Films Two Giant Wolves Running Alongside Her Car On Highway

Rhonda Miller was on her way to work when she captured an amazing moment on film. Running alongside her on the highway are two black wolves. Miller, who lives in Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT), wrote on Facebook, “It was just past the Stagg River. They were running flat-out and not concerned about me at all. It was amazing to see them!”

Miller believes the wolves were running anywhere between 25 and 30 miles per hour. She slowed and moved over her vehicle, which is what one is supposed to do when encountering a wild animal on the road.

According to Miller, the wolves were still running when they disappeared out of view. “I think just the power of them and the beauty of them, seeing them running like that … is pretty inspiring,” she told CBC News.

Watch the beautiful clip below. Please wait a few seconds for it to load.

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