Woman Demonstrates Cross Choke Hold Using T-Shirt

As much as no one wants to think about it, men and women are assaulted every day either by strangers or by someone they know. Although we shouldn’t fear for our safety every minute of the day, it is important to remember to be aware of our surroundings and to prepare ourselves for unexpected violence. By learning ways to protect yourself, such as taking precautions when walking alone to your vehicle, you will have a better chance of escaping harm.

The woman in the video below demonstrates a an effective choke hold technique that may help you defend yourself if an attacker is trying to pin you to the ground. She uses a few decisive moves and uses the man’s T-Shirt to defend herself.

As with any self defense technique, consider finding a trainer or joining a self-defense class in order to practice and learn the different methods by heart so that you will be able to react quickly and almost automatically.

In the meantime, share this safety tip with your friends and stay safe!

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