Miniature Horse Might Be The World’s Smallest, And He Thinks He’s A Dog

Acer has got to be the cutest, smallest horse I’ve ever seen. He lives with his owner Maureen O’Sullivan at her Miniature Horse Farm in Corringham, England. The three-year-old “miniature miniature” horse is just 22 inches high and was born with dwarfism. Most people would have had the tiny horse put down, but Maureen persevered and said he’s a lovely little boy. He sleeps in a small stable, plays in the field and even wanders around the family home.

Maureen says sometimes Acer thinks he’s a dog, so it makes sense that he is best friends with a Labrador called Demon, who stands inches taller than the little horse! He really is, as his owner says, one in a million and much loved!