Woman Shares Reasons Why Living In A Tiny House Stinks

You’ve seen the videos and social media pictures espousing all the wonderful reasons why living in a tiny home is so awesome. But Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey is about to explain why it’s not always that great.

“I’m going to get real with you, and tell you why (sometimes) living in a Tiny House is terrible,” she explains, in her YouTube description. “In this video, I talk about the cons, in my pros and cons list, of living small.”

Yes, she goes through the reasons why it sometimes stinks, literally and figuratively. Jenna says she really wishes she had a video like this before she downsized. But no matter what happens, her dog is staying put. She adds, “By the way, I LOVE MY DOG. She’s my baby. I won’t be getting rid of her, despite my complaining about the hair and smells.”