Woman Races To Shelter To Adopt Dog That Looks Just Like Her Rescue Pup

Adopting a dog wasn’t on her “to-do” list for the day. But for Danielle, a TikTokker, dog mom and podcaster, that’s exactly what happened when one of her followers sent her a message about a dog at the Maryland SPCA that looked exactly like her rescue dog, Barkley.

Barkley is a rescue dog and a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen mix. So he’s not an easy dog breed mix to match or one where you’d expect to come across a look-a-like of often. That’s why Danielle jumped in her car as fast as she could and looking “like a madwoman.” She wanted to drive to the shelter right away to meet Charlie!

While driving there, Danielle mentions that she had talked with her partner about getting another dog and she suspected Charlie might just be the perfect fit!

Danielle shares the rest of her sweet story of adopting Charlie on TikTok:

@otmdanielle Welcome to your forever home, Charlie! #dogrescue #newdog #spca #welcomehome #dogadoption #adoptdontshop ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

Charlie sure settles in quickly to his new home, enjoying a new toy, a dog bed and getting to cuddle with his new mom. Danielle wisely keeps her two dogs separated by a gate at first. But it doesn’t take long for the two dogs to become friends (scroll down to see that video!).

Danielle later shared some further details about Charlie’s heartbreaking background that she thought aren’t happy ones to share. She also didn’t have the time in her 4-minute TikTok to go into them all. But she elaborated that in addition to his previous owners getting a divorce, it also appears he wasn’t taken the best care of. He has a bad skin condition and double ear infection and was very matted when he arrived at the shelter.

According to his intake papers, he also spent close to 16 hours in a crate before being surrendered. But Danielle’s family is so excited that they will be able to give Charlie the best life.

@otmdanielle Thanks for all of the super encouraging comments on the last video. The brother intros have gone swimmingly and we can’t wait to share more! #adoptdontshop #dogrescue #newdog #spca #dogadoption ♬ original sound – Danielle

When asked if she is going to do a DNA match of the two dogs, Danielle answered, “We’re going to test them eventually. Our vet definitely thinks Charlie has some PBGV [ed note: Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen] in him, which is what Barkley is.”

And in another heartwarming video, it’s clear that Barkley and Charlie have become fast friends! PS the corgi is Barkley’s girlfriend (she belongs to friends.)

@otmdanielle “Did we just become best friends?” #dogrescue #newdog #adoptdontshop #dogadoption #pbgv #bestfriendsfurever #charlesbarkley #dogparty ♬ Toy Story: You’ve Got A Friend In Me – Geek Music

Here’s the Instagram video of Barkley and Charlie playing.

People are loving how well Charlie and Barkley are getting on. “Awwww you’re awesome!” commented @justmamat. “I honestly wish I could do this with every dog that comes across my socials! Charlie loves you all already!!”

And although we will never fully know the circumstances that resulted in Charlie’s surrender and the difficulties that the divorcing family are going through, all’s well with Charlie! He has ended up in a loving home, with a doggie brother (who could actually be his brother!), and parents who will love him for the rest of his life.

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