Woman Buys Bank She Used To Work At And Transforms It Into Home

This is a home conversion I would never have dreamed of. Cathy Calhoun has transformed an old bank into a beautiful home! The historic National Bank of Spring City was built in 1872. It closed after over a century operating in 1989 and was put up for auction with all its contents intact. Calhoun, who used to work at the bank as a teller, loved the old building and put in a bid for it and won (for a cost of $52,000).

While remodeling, she tried to preserve as much of the original bank as possible. She wanted to show off the big vault and converted it into a bar and the skylights, chandeliers, and the clock out front are original to the building.

Cathy also decorated some of the interior with what she has found in the original safety deposit boxes. She’s found old ledgers, coins, bills, etc. but she’s only been able to open 222 of the boxes and doesn’t have keys for the rest. Who knows what’s inside the other boxes waiting to be discovered!

The bank has a colorful history including a daring robbery, which she shares more of as she tours her unusual home in the video below.

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