Woman Caught Red-Handed Stealing Packages At Doorstep Gets An Earful

A homeowner in Texas confronted a woman stealing packages off her doorstep after catching her red-handed on her doorbell camera.

Michelle Tull was on break at work, when she got an alert from her phone. It was from her doorbell camera, which lets her know if someone is at the front door through a motion detector. She took a look and was shocked to see a woman taking packages from her porch. That’s when she decided to talk directly to the woman via her RING mobile app asking “Hey what are you doing?”

“I was at work on lunch break when my RING app went off letting me someone was at the front door via motion detection. I usually ignore it because it goes off a lot due to trees blowing in wind makes it go off,” she told Viralhog. “When I checked it, I saw this lady walking around her car and opening the door. At first, I thought she maybe she was delivering my packages, but then it became clear she was not. I decided to confront her through the RING app and she was clearly caught off guard and she made up a story that she thought she was at Debra’s house.”

Not only did the woman pretend to be at the wrong house, she appears to pretend to call “Debra” on her cell phone and acts like she’s telling the person that she somehow ended up taking a wrong turn.

Tull continues to watch the woman’s antics, but at least the woman picks up the boxes and returns them to Hull’s door.

“I was confused about how she would have the wrong house,” Hull continued to describe. “She actually put the packages back on the porch. I called the police and they reviewed the video, assuring me she was a professional thief.”

The police knew this because they had heard of this thief before.

“They did not recognize her but knew her antics,” wrote Hull. “The police were impressed about the quality of a doorbell camera and asked what was in the packages she was trying to take. I told them each box was 35 lbs of kitty litter.”

It’s reassuring to know that even if the thief had succeeded in her robbery, all she would have gotten for her effort was kitty litter. But I’m only sorry that the camera does not appear to have captured the woman’s license plate.

Watch the encounter in the video below.

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