Even With 100 Guesses, You’d Still Never Guess What A Guy Used To See From This Window Everyday.

Wilson is 15 years old, and this is his bedroom. Every morning, he wakes up, looks out of his window and see this gorgeous view. But you’ll never believe what he used to see everyday…

On Wilson’s 15th birthday, he decided to spend $100 on a very important project: improving the view from his bedroom window. Why?

This is what Wilson used to see out of his window.


His remodelling project started with getting the tools he needed – a sanding block and Rust neutralizer.


Then he cleaned off the rust on the window well.


It already looked a lot better with the rust removed.


He then got his window scene kit ready for installation.


He decided on a rainforest scene because it matched a mural that they had on a close wall. These pre-made scenes are available at local hardware stores.


The view from the basement window has been transformed!


What a great idea and a huge difference! This teenager has a very bright future ahead of him!

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