Vietnam Vets Buddies Spend 38 Years Trying To Find Each Other And Finally Do

Two Navy shipmates and Vietnam War veterans have been reunited after a 38-year search for one another. Rick Mueller and Joe Martinez served together in 1971 aboard the U.S.S. White Plains, where the two became best friends. “They called us M&M – Martinez and Mueller,” Martinez said.

After the war, the two lost touch, but that didn’t stop Rick from trying to track down Joe. He recalls getting a stack a quarters in 1976 and tried to find Joe in the phone book. He spent hours calling every Joe Martinez he found listed, but with no luck.

Without the internet, trying to track Joe down proved difficult. However, it didn’t turn out to be the Internet that reunited them, but a letter. Recently it was Rick that received a letter from Joe which said, “I have been trying to reach you. You were my best friend.” It turns out that Joe had been looking for Rick, just Rick had been for him!

Watch their touching reunion in the video below.

If you thought Rick and Joe’s story is amazing, you’ll be stunned by the reunion of these two war vets.

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