Veteran Sees Elderly Woman Being Attacked In Parking Lot And Races Over To Help

Kendrick Taylor and his friends were shopping near a Florida Winn-Dixie grocery store in the day time when they heard screams coming from the parking lot.

Taylor immediately looked and saw a thief knocking over a 76-year-old woman and attempting to steal her purse. Taylor, a Navy veteran, sprang into action and ran over to help. When the purse-snatcher tried to run away, Taylor gave chase and tackled the thief to the ground and waited for the police to arrive!

The young suspect, who turned out to be on probation, was charged with robbery and attempted battery. As for Taylor, he received the Medal of Merit from the Orlando Orange County Sheriff’s Office for his heroism. He explained his brave actions with a simple question that he asked himself at the time, “What if that was my grandma?”.

The woman suffered just some bruises and scrapes all thanks to Taylor and his friends.

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