Vet Tech Crochets ‘Ears’ for Adoptable Pit Bull Who Lost His

A Pit Bull who lost his ears because of a dog attack has an adorable pair of new ones thanks to a kind vet tech. Willy Wonka came to the Sacramento SPCA after he had become stuck in a fence and was attacked by the neighbor’s dogs.

The 2-year-old dog looked different after his surgery, with extensive scarring around his head although his hearing is fine. Vet tech John Holmquist worried that Willy might not find a home because of his looks but had an idea and ended up knitting Willy some new ones that would make Willy look less scary.

The result was magical!

The Sacramento SPCA commented on Facebook, “Our favorite part is that the ears flop around just like real ones!”

“When you lose both of your ears after a dog attack, but your vet tech knits you new ones.” Sacramento SPCA/Facebook

Willy Wonka’s story started popping up “all over the country” the Sacrament SPCA said on Facebook. But they pointed out that the initial stories were missing a few details – that was up for adoption, he’s a couch potato and lived with kids. He also is good with dogs who will appreciate his outgoing personality and slightly “different” appearance.

But they added the one thing Willy isn’t missing is “lots of heart.”

It didn’t take long for the news of Willy being up for adoption to spread and he quickly found a forever family. Sacramento SPCA shared the news that, “Willy is going home with a #repeatrescuer and will be a big brother to Sacramento SPCA alumni Zeus.”

They added, “Zeus is a bit of a shy guy and looking for an outgoing dog to show him the ropes, and Willy is more than willing to step up to the plate! Thank you all for caring so much about our big earless marshmallow!”

Visit the Sacramento SPCA website to see the other dogs waiting to be adopted to their forever homes.

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