Trick-Or-Treater Who Finds Candy Bowl Empty Caught On Camera Doing Good Deed

A trick-or-treater is the talk of the Internet after what he did upon finding a candy bowl empty was caught on video. The Robertson family had left a bowl of candy on the porch of their Idaho home because they were going to be away Halloween night.

When they returned home later that night they checked their security camera video to see how long the candy stash lated. That’s when they were very surprised to see what one young boy did.

“We left … a sign that said ‘do a trick take a treat! Only one or two please you’re on camera!,” Jesse Robertson told KBOI 2News.

The young boy is seen approaching the Robertson’s home. He notices the bowl is empty and was going to leave empty handed, but before he leaves he does a silly trick for the cameras. Just as he’s about to leave, he stops yet again and turns around, and takes candy from his own bag to fill the bowl!

He must have felt bad that other kids might come to the house and leave empty handed! After Jesse posted the video, it instantly went viral.

“This kid in the video did something that would surprise just about anybody these days,” he said. “So I (thought) everyone should see it.”

Jesse also told the news station that he has learned who the boy is and plans to reward his generosity by sending him a “package of goodies”. It’s heartwarming to see kindness rewarded in such a way.

Click play below to watch the young boy’s good deed on camera and share it with your friends.