Doctor Demonstrates How To Use Vinegar And Alcohol To Remove Ear Wax

Having ear wax is not a bad thing. In fact it serves a very useful purpose of keeping debris, dirt and bacteria out of  our sensitive inner ears. But having an extra build of wax can be uncomfortable and block our hearing.

In the video below, Dr. David Hills recommends a few home remedy tips of what to do if you have an extra build up of wax in the ears. He suggests using a few drops of baby oil or a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol (1 to 1 portion) to help loosen up the ear wax.

There may be differing opinions on the efficacy of this remedy, but as Dr. David Hill says, his tips are only advised for minor wax buildups and the ears should never be flushed with any liquid unless performed by a physician. So, if you have any serious problem with your ears, ear wax or an ear infection, please consult a doctor. This video is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

What do you think of his tip? Have you tried it before?

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