Man Mows Lawn As Tornado Swirls In A Field Behind Him

Residents in Three Hills, Alberta were going about their daily business on June 2, 2017 when a tornado suddenly appeared. The weather event was captured on camera by several people that day and the stunning footage is now going viral around the world.

During the storm, one man decided to cut his grass as the tornado swirled behind him. His wife took a photo of him that also has gone viral. Please wait a few seconds for the photo below to load.

A photo of Theunis Wessels mowing his lawn in Three Hills, Alberta, as a tornado looms in the background has taken the Internet by storm. (Photo: Cecilia Wessels via AP)

Posted by USA TODAY on Monday, June 5, 2017

Theunis Wessels told CTV News that he needed to get his grass cut before a busy weekend of chauffeuring his children to their sporting events. His wife Cecilia took the photo after their worried daughter prompted him to come inside. But he pointed out he finished the lawn first.

Three Hills resident Vance Neudorf was also out during the tornado touch-down. He was driving home from the grocery store when he noticed the tornado heading right towards his daughter’s house.

“I was driving home from the grocery store and a funnel cloud formed overhead,” Neudorf writes. “I pulled over as it was heading directly for my daughter’s house. I called and told her to take the grandkids into the basement. As I filmed the time-lapse video, I watched as it passed just behind their subdivision in an open field.”

Here’s the amazing time-lapse video he captured:

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