A Father Searching For A Lost Pet Has An Eerie, Life-Shattering Encounter In Powerful PSA

Distracting driving affects thousands of lives every day, altering the course of their lives in tragic ways. AT&T has a long-standing campaign to warn people of the ever-present dangers of distracted driving, and their new ad is no different. Entitled “The Unseen,” it takes a different approach than usual and tells an eerie story.

It opens with a dad driving his daughter and her friends to a nearby pool. He ignores his phone, because he has a rule to never answer the phone when he has a kid in the car. When he finally pulls over and answers his wife’s frantic call, he learns that their dog, Muffin, has gone missing.

When he starts driving through the neighborhood in search of their dog, a little boy he doesn’t know suddenly appears in the back seat of his car. The boy tells him he’s a friend of his daughter’s and asks him for a drive home. The dad is shocked and wonders what is actually going on. Then something unexpected happens, something the dad didn’t see coming…

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