Cute Photos Of Dogs Taken From Underneath Help Raise Funds For ‘Underdogs’

Photographer Jason Kenzie and designer Tania Ryan were out on a drive brainstorming ideas for photographing dogs when Tania came up with the idea to take pictures of dogs from underneath. While exploring this new, original perspective, they realized the photos they were taking could help the real “the underdogs” – rescue dogs looking for homes!

“We both not only share the love of pets but also photography, and while we were working on creating the first of these photographs it became clear to us that we needed to do something special with these photos to help raise funds and awareness for animal welfare,” said Tania.

The results are their animal welfare campaign “The Underdogs Project”!


Tania Ryan and Jason Kenzie

The project features photographs shot from below – giving and adorable view of each dog’s underbelly and paws.

The Underdogs Project

Tania and Jason use a strong sheet of glass, which Jason lies underneath with his camera while Tania entices the dog with treats.

For their trial run they had Tania’s beagle, Rocky, model for them.

The Vancouver-based duo are very pleased with the results and have gone on to take photos of a variety of other dogs.

The results are very original and highlight a dog in a completely different way.

It’s definitely a perspective I’ve not seen before!

Tania and Jason partnered with the Vancouver-based rescue organization Thank Dog I Am Out and funds raised from calendar sales go towards helping their rescue dogs.

Photos published on with permission from Jason Kenzie and Tania Ryan.

Tania and Jason have some top secret projects in the works, but for now you can see more of their whimsical photos and support their fundraising efforts at The Underdogs Project website.

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