15-Year-Old Writes Unexpected Christmas Hit Song

There have been some unexpected things happen in 2020, but 15-year-old Wallis Schriver wasn’t thinking her Christmas tune would become a hit! The teen from Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania, wrote the song “Lonely Christmas” for her friends, not expecting much. “I expected some of my friends to maybe watch it and say ‘Hey, good job on your song!’ but I really didn’t expect this,” she said.

Wallis had around 100 YouTube followers prior to her song’s release on December 3rd. But the catchy tune caught on and it “blew up” with over 750,000 views in a few weeks! It’s a confident, catchy tune with lyrics to match. It’s hard to believe it’s her debut single.

The song is a true family collaboration. She wrote it with her father and her younger sisters provided harmonies on the recording.

Wallis said she wrote the song amid her feelings about the COVID pandemic and the approaching holidays and to convey the message that “everything is going to be okay.” That is a big part of her song’s charm in that it perfectly conveys what a lot of us are feeling right now, especially about 2020. Take a listen!

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