Teacher Explains To Her Deaf Students That Hearing People Can Hear Farts And Hilarity Ensues

Teachers are challenged with explaining many of life’s details to kids every day. And the resulting conversations can be unexpectedly hilarious. One teacher shared her story of how she had to explain to one of her 1st grade deaf students that hearing people could hear farts. Bodily functions are humorous to kids at the best of times, but this revelation to her deaf students reveals curious kids always want the answers.

The teacher posted the exchange she had in the classroom on Facebook, which was later shared by Anna Lind Thomas.

She introduced the conversation as follows:

But that was only the beginning of the confusion.

Then there was the moment they realized their mom farts, their dad farts, everyone farts…

By the end of their conversation, her students were resigned to the reality that farts made noise. Not that they liked it.

We think the teacher did a marvelous job tackling the subject don’t you think?

The story has since gone viral and Anna Lind Thomas says her friend has just dubbed her “Queen of Fart Stories on the Internet”. She humorously added, “It’s not the life I’ve chosen, but it’s a life I’ll embrace.”

People also shared their funny stories. Amy Kelty commented, “I read about a young girl who had a cochlear implant. The first time she farted after the surgery, she looked around at her butt and exclaimed loudly, “It makes NOISE?” Unfortunately, she happened to be in church…. lol.”

Another teacher, Julie Blair wrote, “This is so TRUE!!!! I have to tell my students all the time, if you can feel it…I more than likely can hear it. The look of astonishment on their faces is priceless.” While another wrote, “As a former sign language interpreter, this just made my night.”

Other readers remarked, “I love this so much! The innocence of children is so so precious!”

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