Swan Couple Share Sweet Cuddle After Having Been Separated By Illness

A swan that was separated from her life-long mate after falling ill warmly embraced him when she had recovered. In the heartwarming video filmed in Dordrecht, Netherlands, the swan’s rescuer releases her gently into the canal to reunite with the male swan.

The female swan immediately swims over to greet her partner and they touch beaks and softly trumpet to one another.

The pair had been apart for three weeks after the bird had fallen ill with botulism. She became so sick she could “barely lift her head.” Roland van Goch, a volunteer at Dierenbescherming, an animal rescue group, helped nurse the swan back to health before releasing her back into the wild.

Roland can be heard chatting with another woman off-camera and both are pleased with the reunion. “That is sweet, eh?” says van Goch. Sweet, indeed!

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