Students Bring Their Former Choir Teacher To Tears With Heartwarming Surprise

Like many of the wonderful teachers out there, Ms. Watson changes her students’ life for the better. The choir teacher loves her students and wants to give them the best opportunities so they can thrive.

In this video from Kleenex, a group of her former high school students learned that Ms. Watson has been recently struggling with medical issues. They decide to get together to give their beloved choir teacher a huge surprise.

Among them is Peter, who was with Ms. Watson’s choir all the way through high school. Peter is now a professional entertainer and says, “She’s one of the best vocal teachers I’ve ever met. I know I would never have been able to do any of it if it hadn’t been for Ms. Watson.”

When Ms. Watson sees her former students singing to her in the hallway, she is rendered speechless. Her reaction will definitely have you reaching for the tissues.

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