Stray Dog Leads Woman Into The Woods To Help Her Puppies

This video captures the real-time rescue of a stray dog named Magic and her puppies. The dog found refuge under a log in the woods. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue describes best what happened:

“Magic gave birth to 6 babies – 3 boys and 3 girls. A stray dog, cold and hungry, she found the best shelter she could to give birth, in a den in the woods, under some trees for shelter. When the babies were about two weeks old, Magic went to a woman who lived nearby who had been feeding her, and led the woman into the woods to the little den where the puppies were living. The woman called Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and this is a video of the day the BWAR volunteers arrived to bring the babies and mom to a foster home.”

All of the puppies have since been adopted. As for Magic, she was spayed and returned to the woman who had first found her, to be loved and cherished as part of her family.

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