Store Clerk Who Abuses Homeless Man Outside Of His Shop Later Learns The Heartbreaking Truth

Have you noticed that Thailand makes the most tear-jerking commercials out there?

They just have an ability to reach for your heart in a way that other ads just can’t seem to duplicate.

In this video, a store owner notices a homeless man sleeping outside of his shop every morning when he arrives. Instead of politely asking the man to move he yells at him and splashes water on him. Then one morning when he is completely fed up, he kicks the man.

The next day he regrets his actions, but when he opens his doors, the homeless man has disappeared. The store owner is curious about what happened to him and he decides to take a look at his security camera footage. That’s when he discovers the startling truth!

It may be an advertisement, but it comes with a strong message about not judging someone on their appearances. What you see, is far from a complete picture!

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