Squirrel Makes Daring Move To Escape Dogs At The Dog Park

A squirrel being chased by a pack of dogs makes an incredibly daring move to get to a tree to escape. The video opens with the squirrel safely on one side of a fence, and a pack of eager dogs on the other.

Despite the option to run in the opposite direction away from the dogs, the squirrel chooses an option that makes all the humans in the park gasp out loud.

“While playing with my dog at Rynerson Dog Park I saw a squirrel running back and forth along a fence line,” explains the woman who shared the video filmed in Lakewood, California. “Several dogs were chasing the squirrel when all of the sudden the squirrel climbed the fence, hopped over the dogs and ran up a tree.”

Now, we can argue whether this squirrel is the bravest or the silliest you’ve ever seen, but there’s no arguing that he is certainly the luckiest!