Spectacular Bridge In Vietnam Looks Like Something From Lord Of The Rings

A newly-opened bridge outside Da Nang in Vietnam is wowing visitors with its incredible design.

The bridge is “held” by two giant stone hands, with spectacular views of the surrounding landscape for visitors.

Having opened in June 2018, the Golden Bridge stands 1,400m above sea level above the Ba Na hills.

It’s named the Golden Bridge after its gold-colored walkway, which is lined with purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums.


It has a curved shape that extends for almost 150 metres.

The hands, although they look like they are carved from stone, are actually made from a steel mesh and fiberglass.

Designed by TA Landscape Architecture, the bridge took around a year to build.

It’s very unique and quickly become a destination spot for tourists and locals alike.

Looking at these photos and video it’s no wonder the bridge has become a popular attraction.