This Dog’s Unusual Markings Make Him Look Like He Has Eyebrows

Simon is a Pit bull-Boxer mix with one very recognizable feature  – his eyebrows! Simon has had his unusual facial markings since he was a puppy.


Simon’s mom, Stephanie Williams, rescued him two years ago. She had already rescued several Pit Bulls from Secondhand Hounds when she offered to foster him. The rescue group had saved 13 puppies born at Minneapolis Animal Control, and Simon was among them. The puppies were scheduled to be euthanized and Secondhand Hounds was given just 30 minutes to save them all, including Simon’s mom. Thankfully, they did!


Simon as a puppy. Photo credit: Facebook/Simon the Pit Bull/Boxer

Simon was a bit older when he went to Stephanie’s home.


Simon’s freedom ride. Photo credit: Facebook/Simon the Pit Bull/Boxer

He soon worked his way into Stephanie’s heart and she decided to adopt him.


Simon gets a piggyback ride from mom. Photo credit: Facebook/Simon the Pit Bull/Boxer

“Simon is settled in to his permanent home now, and he’s one adorable, lively and happy dog! He’s also got a few bad manners, but we’re working on that,” Stephanie wrote on his Facebook page.

He gets along well with his four siblings, loves swimming and piggyback rides and recently graduated obedience class!


Simon loves swimming. Photo credit: Facebook/Simon the Pit Bull/Boxer

Simon’s eyebrows make him stand out in a crowd! Stephanie is constantly asked, “Are they real?” and many people stop and want to touch them.


Simon with his siblings. Photo credit: Facebook/Simon the Pit Bull/Boxer

Simon has a sweet, happy personality and his mom hopes that he will help break down barriers towards “boxy headed” dogs (or Pit bull types).


With the way people respond to his handsome face, I’m sure he’s doing just that!

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