Shop Staff Rush To Help Dog Who Collapsed After Owner Took Her Out In Heat Wave

A dog’s life was saved by onlookers and the staff of a fashion retailer after she collapsed to the ground in the record-breaking heat that hit the United Kingdom earlier this week.

Onlookers in the town centre of Basildon, Essex rushed to help the bulldog who appeared to have collapsed because of the heat. One of the Good Samaritans noticed the dog panting and dribbling and approached the dog’s owner to tell the man to submerge the dog’s paws and underbelly in cool water and get the animal to the nearby metro station that was air-conditioned.

“I was so angry – such arrogance and ignorance,” the bystander told The Mirror UK. She didn’t stop there and went to the nearby Primark store to ask if the dog could get into their store entrance and out of the cold “so she could have half a chance of survival.”

The staff immediately sprung into action and brought out a trolley to put the ailing dog onto so that the dog could be brought home. People can be seen helping to lift the dog onto the cart on video shot at the scene.

The person who filmed the video did so in order to help people understand how quickly dogs can to suffer from serious heat stroke as well as share their opinion of the dog’s owner.

“The reason I filmed it was because this needs to be shared to highlight not only how quickly dogs can get to critical stage, but also how many absolute ignorant dog owners exist,” the eyewitness said. She added, “No dog ever died from missing a walk but many have died being walked in these heats.”

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