Rescued Pit Bulls Live In Cottages Instead Of Cages While They Get Ready For Forever Homes

Nestled in the countryside of Oregon is a dog rescue shelter unlike any other. Spread out over 55-acres, the rescued dogs at Luvable Dog Rescue have their very own cottages.

Instead of cages or kennels, the shelter’s dogs (mostly Pit Bulls), have tiny cabins to live in with space outside to run around and play.

The decor inside each cottage is much like you would find inside a home.

There’s furniture, soft lighting, windows looking outside and much of the creature comforts that you would find inside a human home.

The comfy environments allow the rescue staff to better understand the personalities of each dog and how they would behave in a house.

The unusual, but sensible, environment is the brainchild of Luvable Dog Rescue’s Founder and Executive Director Liesl Wilhardt. She has loved Pit Bulls for a very long time and wanted to create a magical place for the homeless dogs.

Or rather, I would say she has created a normal environment for a dog to live in. It looks like she’s succeeded!

The rescue’s property has forest, meadows and hiking trails for the dogs to “get back to nature” and decompress.

The rescue has also recently built a bigger home for the larger dogs, and they hope to build a maternity ward soon for mamas and their pups.

To see the dogs Luvable Dog Rescue has available for adoption and to read more about their shelter, visit their website.

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