Photos Of Puppies Diving Underwater Vividly Capture Their Determination

When Seth Casteel first photographed Buster the dog underwater, he had no way of knowing he would be opening the viral floodgates to a series of Underwater Dogs. So it seemed only logical that after dogs would come puppies!

According to Seth, puppies already know how to swim at just a few weeks old.  Each of the puppies Seth photographed underwater got swimming lessons prior to their photoshoot and were encouraged to jump in on their own and build their confidence. All of the puppies took to the water naturally and here are seven of them having fun in the water! 

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Pringles and Pick Me




Seth Casteel with Buster the Cavalier King Charles (who inspired underwater dogs and puppies).

Casteel has released a series of books of his irresistibly cute photographs. “Underwater Puppies” is available on Amazon.

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