Senior Dog Shows His Mom He’s Still Mischievous ‘As Heck’

“Max is 14 years old and still mischievous as heck.” That’s what redditor Flirret revealed about her senior dog when she shared an adorable video of him trying to get comfortable with his dog bed.

In the cute clip, Max is under his dog bed while his doggie sibling lies on the floor.

mischievous old dog

Reddit /@Flirret

There’s a shuffling and suddenly Max flips the bed over right onto the other dog!

Reddit /@Flirret

He looks up innocently before deciding the bed is exactly where he intended it to be and he plops down for a nap.

Reddit /@Flirret

Redditors love Max’s bed rearrangement. One redditor commented, “That plop at the end really sold it, it’s like the dog knows dramaturgy.”

Reddit /@Flirret

Another viewer agreed, writing “That plop was so satisfying.”

Others shared their heartfelt advice with Flirret. christo334 wrote, “Tell him he is a good boy for me. Spend as much time as you can with him.”

Flirret responded, “I’ll tell him you said so thank you and in the few years he has left I plan to spend as much time with him as possible! He really is a good boy so I want him to be relaxed in his retirement years lol.”

We’d say from the way Max flips that bed he is pretty relaxed!

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