Senior Dog Freed From Chains Now Living Her Best Life

She was chained up for years and found in the middle of nowhere but now Mumia the rescue dog is living her best life. Her adopted mom Mintuu explains that she and her family were on holiday in Greece when they visited Takis Dog Shelter and spotted Mumia. Mintuu was instantly drawn to the senior dog so the moment she returned back home in Finland, Mintuu was on the phone to adopt Mumia.

When Mumia arrived in Finland she was very calm when she was picked up from the airport. “It was like she knew she was going home,” Mintuu said. Mumia made herself at home right away and welcomed all the love and care her new family gave her.

It took a few months for her to learn to be a normal dog but she now loves playing with the toys and playing with the kids. Soon after, Mintuu’s family adopted Max, another senior dog from Takis’ shelter. She said that Max is like Mumia’s boyfriend and the pair are like a “sweet old couple.”

In Mumia’s original rescue video from Takis Shelter, Takis explains that Mumia lived in a barrel at the end of a chain along with another dog. “Barrel dogs are unfortunately something common on Greece,” he explained. “People tie their dogs in chains on their remote properties and they put a barrel as a home.”

Takis added that it is against the law. “The law is very strict and doesn’t allow dogs to be permanently chained and without proper house, but people are not talking and they don’t report when they see them. Fortunately, in this case someone did report what he saw to the police and the police ordered the removal of the dogs.”

Mumia’s previous owner was “fined and now he is not allowed to take dogs any more,” Takis revealed. “The municipalities are responsible for these dogs and all the stray dogs in each town, but in this case the municipality doesn’t have facilities to host dogs so Takis Shelter was asked to take the dogs in.”

Mumia’s barrel home is such a far way from how she lives now. Here’s a video of Mumia enjoying a boat ride in Finland.

And here’s a video of Mumia relaxing with Max on the couch with their other furry sibling.

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