School Principal’s Snow Day Video Goes Viral

While the students of Waterloo Elementary School in Maryland spent Winter Storm Jonas at home, their Principal headed off to the school to show what a principal does on an epic snow day…and the results have become a viral hit!

Principal Sean Martin set up a camera and recorded himself shooting hoops in the gym, singing in the cafeteria and sliding through the hallways “Risky Business” style. He even gets chastised by the school janitor.

Martin posted the video for staff, not expecting it to get out and be viewed by everyone. Once students, teachers, and parents saw the video of their principal, they loved it and so have millions of others!

Principal Martin told The Baltimore Sun, “I figured people are starting to feel a little stir crazy, and I thought our staff and community would appreciate a lighthearted perspective about what goes on in school during snow days.”

What a fun way to show what really happens at the school when the kids are away!

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