Sweet Dog Spent 6 Years In Shelter Until His Dreams Were Finally Answered

This is a beautiful story of Rufo, a Pit bull mix who was loving and sweet, but could not find his forever family. He was dropped at Yonkers municipal shelter when he was one year old. For the next six years, he got two hours of exercise every day, but he lived the rest of his days in a kennel.

The Yonkers Shelter kept Rufo mentally and physically healthy throughout all those years and never gave up on him.

Until, finally, the day came when Rufo’s dreams were answered…

After he was adopted those that met him noticed he became super excited every time he saw a dog. He hadn’t really interacted with other dogs during his stay in the kennel so they didn’t really know how would he react around another dog. Here’s Rufo’s sequel video answering that question!

What a beautiful rescue story! There’s always hope for dogs like Rufo, if people are generous with their time and their hearts!

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