Rich Boy And Poor Boy Meet And Reveal How Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Everyone knows the parable of the prince and the pauper. One of the morals of the classic story is to never judge a book by its cover. This short student film, “My Shoes”, has a similar theme that packs a powerful punch.

Two boys from totally different financial circumstances meet. One boy is poor and wears tattered clothes and has holes in his shoes. The rich boy has brand-new sneakers and is clean-kept. Upset that he doesn’t have new shoes like the rich boy, the poor boy wishes they could switch places. Magically, his wish comes true. But not everything is as it first seems….

This short film has been viewed millions of times, no doubt because of the simple and powerful way it conveys how appearances can be deceiving!

Share this short film with your family and friends if you were as surprised by the ending as I was!

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